• Eazy E
    Eazy E

    Hand pressed beef patty, rasher bacon, cheese, caramelised onion, house BBQ sauce with 2 crispy hash browns

  • Straight outta Chooklyn
    Straight outta Chooklyn

    Crispy Fried Chicken, house made apple slaw, biggies special sauce

  • Tupacs Loaded 22
    Tupacs Loaded 22

    Beef Pattie, cheese, rasher bacon, lettuce, tomato, biggies special sauce, house BBQ sauce, onion rings

  • Piggie Smallz
    Piggie Smallz

    Lettuce, house made apple slaw, melt in your mouth pulled pork, bouse BBQ sauce

Other Stuff

  • Loaded Bling Rings
    Loaded Bling Rings

    Beer battered onion rings, American cheese sauce, bacon bits, spring onions

  • Big Poppa's Dirty Fries
    Big Poppa's Dirty Fries

    Golden fries, pulled pork, cheese, biggies special sauce, ouse BBQ sauce, spring onions

  • Lil' Cease Chilli Cheez
    Lil' Cease Chilli Cheez

    Golden fries, cheese, chilli beef, spring onions

  • Wu tang Wings
    Wu tang Wings

    Half kilo of crispy fried wings with Korean BBQ sauce