Chef Jemma Wickham with a Platter of Goodies

Chef Jemma Wickham

Chef Jemma Wickham has spent years serving up the freshest food to the Gold Coast. In 2016 she decided to follow her passion for street food and 90s hip-hop and created NOTORIOUS E.A.T.

You can now find Chef Jemma driving the truck up and down the coast, serving up some of her professionally curated burgers to foodies from Tweed to Brisbane!

Chef Dan Fox

Recently joining the team full time is Chef Dan Fox.

Dan and Jem have worked together for over 10 years and both share a passion for great food and fun event catering! Dan has been part of team Notorious since day one, but recently took on the trailer (Notorious Jr.) as his own so we can say YES to more events and catering!

Chef Dan with Wings, Loaded Fries and Goodies from the Truck