Notorious E.A.T. Foodtruck
There's a new player about to hit  the Gold Coast food truck  scene! Stay tuned for more 
The trailer is under construction, Biggies Lab is smokin, the social media hype is pumpin. Its about to get real homies!
One of the coolest food trailers to hit the GC Scene will be here at the end of November 2016! We're talkin pulled pork sliders, mini corn dogs, twice cooked crispy smashed potatoes and more! Wash it down with a root beer float and finish off with desserts like churro ice cream cups or banana fritter sticks in coco pops batter!
Notorious E.A.T. is a gold coast food truck, coming soon to provide the gold coast with awesome food, in smaller sizes for less dollars. Do you ever go to a foodtruck and wish you could try all the dishes? Well now you can! Most of our menu will be between $5 and $8 so you can afford to try it all! Run by a qualified chef, in a council approved trailer. We have our own council approved prep kitchen affectionately known as "Biggies Lab", where we create all the recipes and testing takes place. Then we pack it all into the trailer for your eating pleasure! We cant wait to serve you and meet our growing fan base! Come along for some cool rap tunes and american style eats. Follow us on instagram, facebook, youtube, snapchat and twitter where we will post photos and locations where you can find us.